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Andrology Laboratory
The Andrology lab probes into issues of male infertility and studies individual cases in depth so as to diagnose the root cause of the matter and to deduce the best way to overcome it.

The avant garde Andrology laboratory at Craft uses the latest equipments in testing, diagnosing and gauging the extent of male infertility issues like low sperm count, prostate health, varicose veins, congenital abnormalities like undescended testicle, premature ejaculation etc.

IVF Laboratory
The most effective form of Assisted Reproductive Technology, In Vitro Fertilization is also one of the most popular. IVF is also used for people who have certain health conditions.

With advanced techniques involving ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval and blastocyst development, the IVF wing at Craft is one of the best in India. The procedure can be successfully performed for those suffering from tubal damage, endometriosis, sperm disorders and several other infertility issues.