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Laproscopy Surgery

Major treatments offered

Reproductive surgery is a major corrective solution for many fertility issues related to Internal errors of the female reproductive organs. On an average around 40 to 50 percent of the female fertility issues can be corrected by Lapro-Hysteroscopic surgery.This is usually a day care procedure which identifies minor and major internal causes which is not externally visible even via ultrasound imaging.As a practice during the same sitting we can correct pelvic factors like Tubal blocks,adhesions ,removal of tumors like Fibroids ,adinomyosis ,removal of cysts from the ovaries , and correction of the uterine anomalies like the septate uterus etc.

Patients need to exercise caution while being referred for Laparoscopy as it has now evolved into a vastly exploited medical technique in today’s business minded world. Even minor self-corrective issues like small ovarian cysts which has the possibility of disappearing after a wait of 2 or 3 cycles are sent in for Lapro surgery un-necessarily.. As a result of which patients go into further serious complications like adhesions and injuries to the ovaries by Ovarian Drilling etc. This is a practice that should be discouraged and strictly avoided as the health of an Ovarian Tissue and Endometrial Lining is a future decisive aspect of pregnancy.

At CRAFT FERTLITY CHENNAI (CFC) , Chennai  we have a strong ethical procedure of referring only the absolutely necessary cases for Laparoscopy. Only major cases that require surgical corrections undergo Reproductive surgery at our centre. This ensures that patients exploitation is avoided at any cost at any level of treatment at CFC and we give the best of care to our patients.

Since 24 years CRAFT Hospitals would have successfully completed more than 43 thousand Laproscopies and till date without any major complications .